The Firefighters Burn Fund, in partnership with Red River Mutual and the Office of the Fire Commissioner have purchased and delivered a fleet of 17 Fire Safety Trailers to Fire Departments throughout Manitoba. These are in addition to 5 other Trailers that were  previously purchased by the Burn Fund, making a total of 22 units in service. The trailers are being strategically placed so that they can be shared by approximately 150 different Fire Departments.

The Fire Safety Trailers are mobile classrooms in which firefighters will teach children about fire and safety hazards in different areas of their homes, and how they should conduct themselves in the event of an emergency. Lessons taught include topics such as: kitchen safety, what to do if the smoke detector is activated, how to call 911, checking a door for heat to determine if there is fire on the other side, crawling low in smoke. Children are also taught to create a home escape plan with their parents, always having 2 ways to exit the house, gathering at a pre-determined location, and calling 9-1-1 once safely out of the house.

We gratefully acknowledge the financial, moral and logistical support of Red River Mutual and the Office of the Fire Commissioner who have helped to make this $1,000,000.00 project possible. Our common goal is to prevent fires, and reduce the number of fire deaths and related injuries that occur each year.